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Download the SmarTrack™ app from the App Store or Google Play store to your Bluetooth enabled device. Register on the app, and create a personal profile for tracking your progress.

Sync your Smart Scale and Bluetooth device by pressing and holding the “UNIT / CONNECT” button on the bottom of the scale. The " bluetooth " icon on your Smart Scale indicates a successful Bluetooth® connection.
You are ready to take your first measurement. Press "SET" to turn on your Smart Scale. Stand still on the scale until your weight and body composition are displayed. Your body fat % (FAT), total body water % (TBW), muscle mass (MUS), Cal-Max™ (CAL), and the difference between your current and goal weights are automatically transmitted to the dashboard of your SmarTrack™ app.


Device & Technology

Which Android products does this work with?
Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note ll, HTC One and Google Nexus 4 using - and above versions. Must have Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Which IOS (Apple) products does this work with?
iPhone (4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus), iPad (3), iPod Touch (5) and iPad mini - and above (6.0) versions. Must have Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Does the data automatically sync to your phone?
Yes, after you have turned on your Bluetooth feature on your phone and set up your account the first time. After that, data automatically syncs to your phone when the criteria is met. Also check your WiFi settings to ensure you aren't being blocked by the local firewall.
What is the criteria for data to be sent to your device?
1) Use a device meeting the system requirements (see listing)
2) The device must have Bluetooth 4.0 or above - ensure your Bluetooth setting is on
3) Download the SmarTrack app
4) Set up your user in the app
5) Connect the scale to SmarTrack
6) Have your device within 30 feet of the scale
7) Have your device turned on and SmarTrack app open
8) WITH BARE FEET take a reading - waiting for the entire reading to be completed.
Is there a WIFI connection?
No, Bluetooth only.
Can I send the data to my computer?
No, only if you are connecting to another fitness app that allows transmission to the computer, like RunKeeper
How close do I need to be with my phone for the data to transfer?
Within 30 feet of your phone or tablet.
Does this scale work with Kindle?
How does it communicate with your phone?
Via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Check your phone settings to insure it uses 4.0.
Do you have to leave the Bluetooth on on your phone?
Can this scale connect to Fit Bit?
Does this scale have a fitness band?
Does it work with Jawbone?
I don't have a smart phone, will the scale still work?
It will function as a regular body fat scale and the readings will appear on the scale. You will not be able to utilize the app and track your readings.
Can I use this scale and app in other countries?
The scale can be used in any country, but the SmarTrack app is only available in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
My data shows on the scale but it's not sending to the phone - why?
Be sure your Bluetooth setting is on and that you are standing on the scale in bare feet. Set the scale to your user # of necessary by pressing "set" until your user # appears.

Scale & Its Function

There are 2 people close in weight in the house, how will it recognize which is which?
If the 2 users weights are within 4.4 pounds, you need to press the "SET" button on the scale and then arrow up or down until you get to your user number then press "SET" again before you step on the scale
What does this scale measure?
It measures weight and estimates; body fat, body water, muscle mass and daily calories needed to maintain your current weight
Can the units be switched to kg?
Yes, it can toggle between pounds/kilos and inches/meters
How does it measure Body Fat, Body Water and Muscle?
The process is called BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) that sends a harmless electrical current through your body to measure the resistance against each kind of cell; fat, water, muscle, etc.
How does it calculate daily calories?
Using a proprietary calculation based on the personal profile you input along with the measurements taken.
Does the scale have to be in the bathroom?
No, it only needs to be on a hard, flat surface and within 30 feet of your phone or tablet.
Can this scale be used to measure luggage weight?
It is not designed to measure luggage weight.
What is the capacity?
400 pounds.
What kind of batteries and how many are needed?
3 AAA batteries
Are batteries included?
Yes, brand name batteries are included.
How long will the batteries last?
With normal use defined as 4 users XX times per day, the batteries should last 2 years.
Is it waterproof?
No, you should not expose the scale to great amounts of water or submerge it. You can step on the platform with damp feet, and clean with a damp cloth.
Does it have a tare feature?
Does it calculate calories?
Yes - Daily Recommended Calorie feature is included.
What are the weight increments?
.2 pounds
Where is this made?
What is the warranty?
5 year limited warranty.
Does it calculate BMI?
Does it have an athlete mode?
What is athlete mode?
Athlete mode is a setting for people who exercise regularly at least 3 times per week, a minimum of 2 hours each time.
Can children use this scale?
You should not use this scale for anyone under 18 years of age.
What if I am pregnant?
Do not use this scale as the effects on the fetus are unknown.
What if I have a pacemaker?
Do not use this scale.
What if I have artificial joints or implants?
Do not use this scale.
Is it accurate?
within +/- 3%
Can I use on carpeting?
No, you should use it on a hard, flat surface. You should keep the scale in the same spot to avoid inconsistent readings.
My weight fluctuates wildly depending on where I place the scale, why?
The smart scale is a sensitive measurement instrument. Anytime you move or bump it, you should recalibrate it. For best results, keep it in the same spot. The key is the change in measurements.
What colors does the scale come in?
Taylor brand is only available in Black (Taylor), Silver (Taylor - Costco only), Silver (Homedics) & Black (Bowflex)
What is Body Fat?
Body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions. The percentage of essential body fat for women is greater than that for men, due to the demands of childbearing and other hormonal functions. Storage body fat consists of fat accumulation in adipose tissue, part of which protects internal organs in the chest and abdomen.
Where can I find details on the activity levels:
They are listed on page 6 of the IM.
Why do my percentages not add up to 100%?
The numbers will never add up to 100% because there is water in muscle cells and water in fat cells.  With that said, the water readings will be represented more than once.  For example, the electrical current is moving through the body cells measuring impedance.  It moves through different types of cells with differing resistance.  It will measure muscle cells based on that resistance, but within the muscle cell, there is also water. 
Is this an instant on or a foot tap scale?
Instant on after the initial calibration.
How does this compare to the $100+ Bluetooth scales?
This Smart Scale offers all of the key features you need to begin or maintain a more healthy lifestyle. Higher cost products may include WIFI, and add-on features like indoor air quality.
Why do I need to have bare feet?
So that the electrical impluse can complete it's circuit.
How do I clean the scale?
With a soft, damp cloth.
How do I store the scale?
This scale is a sensitive measurement device therefore you should not store anything on top of it. In addition if you are not going to use the scale for 3 months or longer, you should remove the batteries.
Can I use this as a weigh only scale?
Yes, see page 11 of the IM.
What does this scale track?
It tracks weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass

SmarTrack & App Technology

What apps will the scale work with?
SmarTrack, mapmyfitness, RunKeeper and myfitnesspal
Is the app free?
SmarTrack is free. Others have both free and fee based options.
How do I find the app in the App Store or Google Play?
Type in SmarTrack- one T; no spaces
Is my data secure on the cloud?
If I get a new device and need to reinstall the app; how does the Cloud know it is me and get me my historical data?
The Cloud recognizes you by the email account you provided when you set up your user initially. If you want to retrieve your old records, you need to use that same email address.
What if I forget my password?
On the login page, tap the ? And then enter your email address, hit send. You will receive an email with reset instructions.
Can I set a goal weight?
Yes and you can see the difference between actual and goal on the weight graphs.
My weight in the graph doesn't match the reading I just took, why?
If you take multiple readings in one day, the average of those readings will be reflected in the graph view. Refer to the list view to see each individual reading.
Can I share data with others?
Yes via email, twitter and Facebook.
Can I track meals and activities?
What happens if a guest uses this scale?
If a guest uses the scale and their weight is within XX pounds of an existing user, the data will likely be stored in that users profile. If a guest uses the scale and their weight is not close to any existing user, the data will not flow to the app, unless they have set up a user profile.
Why would I user set up data in user numbers that aren't assigned?
Each user number is populated with default data.
How do I delete a user from the scale and/or app?
Your user cannot be deleted directly from the scale. You can disconnect/delete the SmarTrack app on your device, this will prevent future transmissions. To replace or write over your user information, another user must select your user number.