OMG! by Taylor Meat Grilling Thermometer Set of 4

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Quick Overview

OMG 4-piece meat grilling thermometers

  • Glow in the dark pointers for low light use

  • Simple doneness indicators for beef, chicken and pork

  • Leave-in thermometers cook food to taste without guessing

  • Set of 4 ; includes 2 beef, 1 chicken, & 1 pork

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• Big, simple marks for determining which way you prefer your food cooked or grilled: well, medium, rare, medium rare, and minimum (depending on the type of food)

• 4-piece set of meat grilling thermometers: 2 beef, 1 poultry, 1 pork

• Made out of rugged stainless steel and are safe to leave in the grill or oven

• Dial on the thermometers are glow in the dark for nighttime or low light grilling

The easiest way to guarantee the internal temperature of your beef, poultry, and pork is done to your taste level, turn to the set of 4 set Taylor 815OMG button thermometers. Taylor’s OMG button thermometers are ruggedly constructed from stainless steel. You can use a different thermometer when cooking or grilling up to 4 different cuts of meat, which helps eliminate cross contamination. This set of 4 thermometers includes 2 beef, 1 poultry, and 1 pork thermometer. The dials are glow in the dark, which make the thermometers ideal for nighttime or low light grilling. The set is grill and oven safe, meaning that they can be left in for the duration of the cook time. For each type of meat, there are big, simple marks for determining which way you prefer your food cooked or grilled. For beef, your 3 options are well, medium, and rare. For poultry, the 2 options are well and minimum. For pork, your 3 options are well, medium, and medium rare. These thermometers are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

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