Salter Touchless Tare Scale

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Salter 3830TT Touchless Tare Scale

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• New Innovation: Touchless tare add & weigh: Cleanly zero your measurements by waving your hand over the tare sensor embedded in the scale

• Durable 8mm glass platform

• Aquatronic® feature allowing you to weigh liquid ingredients

• High capacity that can weigh up to 30 lb/13.6 kg/477 fl oz/14,000 ml with ULTRA fine increments of 0.01 oz/0.5 g/0.01 fl oz/0.5 ml through the entire scale range

• Touch control buttons with no grooves that don’t collect food or debris

We’ve all been there, a dire situation with only one, sticky resolution. A generous coating of egg white, flour, and milk stands between your pointer finger and the tare button on your kitchen scale. In addition to the city block-worth of dishes that need to be cleaned as part of the preparation for your thousand layer cake, looks like you can add a yolky scale to the equation. But with the Salter 3830TT touchless tare kitchen scale, you can literally wave goodbye to dilemmas such as these. The magic of the touchless tare technology allows you to cleanly zero your measurements by simply passing your hand over the tare sensor in the front panel. Touchless tare makes it delightfully easy to weigh multiple ingredients without ever having to wash your hands (but please do when you’re finished).

The true power of the touchless tare lies in the Salter 3830TT’s ultra-precise weighing, allowing you to measure up to 30 lb/13.6 kg/477 fl oz/14,000 ml in fine increments of 0.01 oz/0.5 g/0.01 fl oz/0.5 ml. The Salter 3830TT also comes equipped with the utilitarian Aquatronic® feature, meaning you can easily weigh liquid ingredients with just the touch of a button. The touch control buttons on the 3872TT have no grooves and therefore will never collect food or debris. If by chance your scale platform requires a cleaning, just wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. The Salter 3830TT scale is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and operates on 3 AAA batteries (included).


• 30 lb/13.6 kg/ 477 fl oz/14,000 ml with ULTRA fine increments of 0.01 oz/0.5 g/0.01 fl oz/0.5 ml

• Easy-to-read 2” LCD readout

• NEW! Touchless Tare add & weigh feature

• Aquatronic® innovation

• 3-AAA batteries, included

• Auto-off to preserve battery life

Ease of Use:

Salter has provided everything you need to get started right away (including batteries): simply check the battery connection, press ‘on’, set mode, and weigh!


The Salter 3830TT kitchen scale has an 8 ¼” x 8 ¼” tempered glass platform that is 8mm thick. The durable glass platform is easy to clean and has touch control buttons that have no grooves to collect food or debris. The touchless tare sensor is embedded in the scale body. This sensor allows you to wave your hand over the sensor to zero out what is being weighed. No mess or cross-contamination!

What you Get:

Inside the gift box, you will find everything you need to get started right away. The scale comes with an instruction manual and 3-AAA batteries installed. Remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment, ensure the batteries are making good contact, and get ready to weigh. The scale has a 5 year limited warranty.

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