Taylor Bath Scale 7560BI

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The Taylor 7560BI digital glass scale

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Despite its chilling beauty, you can rest assured that the Taylor 7560BI digital glass scale will never crack under pressure. All the delicate yet intricate patterns of ice are replicated to perfection on this scale, its glass platform a seemingly thin barrier to the unplumbed depths beneath the surface. The alluring black ice featured on this scale's 11.8-inch square glass platform is capable of supporting weights of 400 pounds/180 kilograms in 0.2-pound/0.1-kilogram increments. Its 3.13-inch by 1.46-inch display stands out against its patterned base. For the ultimate weighing experience, the 7560BI boasts an instant-on function that mercifully sidesteps the outmoded practice of toe tapping. Simply step onto the platform, and the scale will display your measurements without any extra hassles.

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