The Smart Scale's Brilliant Sidekick!


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All you need to do is step on your Smart Scale and it automatically transmits your data via Bluetooth 4.0, from the scale to your SmarTrack app. It couldn’t be easier! You can view your data in a list or as a graph, it’s up to you. SmarTrack stores years of information for up to 8 users on the cloud.

Step on the Smart Scale and estimate your:
- Body Fat
- Body Water
- Muscle Mass
- Recommended Daily Calorie intake to maintain your current weight
- In addition, measure your weight and set a GOAL. TRACK and SHARE your achievements with others.

Connect your smart scale with your favorite apps

Already using a fitness app? no problem, SmarTrack connects with these popular choices, allowing for easy integration and seamless sharing of data.

Map My Fitness
My Fitness Pal